Ho Chi Minh City Open University participated in the first International Education Technology Fair in Vietnam



Mar 08, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City Open University participated in the first International Education Technology Fair in Vietnam

Mar 08, 2019

On March 5 and 6, 2019, the first International Educational Technology Fair in Vietnam took place successfully at Tan Son Nhat Hotel.

The fair organized by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) in Vietnam in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training and Viet Sin Online Corporation (Vsionglobal) attracted a lot of organizations, enterprises, and schools.

The Opening of International Education Technology Fair

At the fair, Ho Chi Minh City Open University introduced practical education products, especially the LMS (Learning Management System).

LMS is an online teaching and learning system that breaks boundaries of space and time, helping teachers and students teach, learn, exchange materials and practice tests at any place via the internet. It is designed pedagogically in four aspects such as teaching, learning, educational testing and quality assurance. It also has plenty of learning materials, like video lectures, online textbooks, multiple choice tests, online essays, discussion forums, timetables, SCORM, online conferences. In addition, LMS offers a variety of teaching and learning functions: allowing lecturers to post libraries of assignments, lectures, learning materials, as well as help them grade students, assess learning outcomes, manage apprenticeship. Furthermore, it allows students to register for online lectures, join in discussions, take tests, and has various functions of quality management. There are management tools, quality training statistics, management of learners, instructors, learning materials. It enables both students and teachers to assess teaching and learning outcomes.

Users experienced the learning management system (LMS) at the booth of Ho Chi Minh City Open University

LMS is optimized continuously through developing more interfaces and functional plugins such as OUfordson, statistics of educational results, advanced management of teachers’ tasks, learning schedules, and many other upgraded items.

The fair offered many opportunities for international exchanges and promoted technology 4.0 in management and education. This was also an opportunity for educational managers, students, and Vietnamese companies to have opportunities to approach, introduce and interact with domestic and foreign partners.

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